Secret Destinations in Norway

by Olivier De Winne
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When travelling to Norway, you will be met by beautiful, natural landscapes and its history seeped in Viking tales. No matter when travelling there, those visiting will definitely appreciate its extremely low violent crime rate, as Europe has famously expensive healthcare. A shocking eight out of the ten most expensive countries for medical treatment are in Europe. With an abundance of museums and eateries to choose from, Norway is the place to go for your next holiday. Here is a list of four secret destinations not to miss on your next visit to this Scandinavian country

Secret Destinations in Norway

Northem Lights

1) The Northern Lights

Many who visit this beautiful nation do so in search of seeing the natural wonder, Aurora Borealis. And while many have been successful in doing so, it is very important to note that the easiest way to do this is to head far north (The Arctic Circle). There are many exciting ways you can view the Northern Lights.

2) Surfing

If you have an adventurous spirit, you might like to check out the secluded beaches of Hoddevik. With astounding natural beauty, it’s further north in Norway than most people travel to so you won’t be overwhelmed with other tourists. This is a great place to stop for peace, quiet and tranquillity. And while you’re there why not give surfing a try? This quiet and scenic beach is the perfect place to learn.

Norway Surfing

3) History

There are many, many places across the country where you can immerse yourself into the deep Viking histories of Norway. One of the best representations of this is in Stavanger with the Battle of Hafrsfjord’s dramatic reenactment. Although you will have to wait until 2020 to experience it in full (Virtual Reality headset, boarding ships and wearing helmets all included), it’s already highly anticipated as one of the best things to do and visit in Norway.

Norway Harbor

4) Food

This list could not be complete without recognising the brilliance that is the capital, Oslo and the amazing seafood options there. It’s the best place to try traditional Norwegian food and has countless restaurants to try. Why not try Fårikål, Norway’s national dish, it consists of lamb slow-cooked with pepper, cabbage and wheat flour and has a mild taste so it’s suitable for all pallets.

Whether you’re going for some leisure time and like to fish and eat food, or you’re heading on an adventure and seeking the Northern Lights, Norway is an up and coming tourist destination. With some of the most breathtaking views that the planet has to offer, it’s not hard to see why people might like to travel here, no matter the time of year.

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