Olivier De Winne is a successful entrepreneur and digital nomad who has built multiple companies.

Digital nomad since 2017 and co-founder of Off The Tourist Treadmill and Enjoy Retirement Life

Olivier De Winne studied and worked in France until 2005 when he moved to England. In the past, he has set up and managed several companies in different industries. Olivier is excited about his new career as a digital nomad. He is currently co-founder of two websites and two YouTube channels. His aim is to be free of the rat race.

My Work Story

I worked many years as an Electronic Engineer in France for prestigious companies like Althom where I was in charge of repairs and maintaining electronics cards for the TGV (French high speed train). I loved what I was doing but I needed a new challenge in my life.

So, I decided to sell everything and to try living a peaceful life on Reunion Island. I didn’t have any plan or job waiting for me on this island. Instead, I explored the island and made contacts with locals. One asked me if I wanted to become Manager of a local radio station. I jumped at the opportunity and expanded my local connections and met local record producers. This allowed me to work for them as well. My life on Reunion Island was very good but I really wanted something else. I didn’t travel 10,000 km to be trapped in the same daily routine.

After one year, I returned back to France with the idea of stopping working and travelling. The solution for me was to buy a sail boat and to travel with my family.

I completely restored an old catamaran and at the same time learned how to sail. It was very challenging but I loved it! We sailed for more than two years with my two daughters and our dog. We home-schooled our daughters during this time and it was a happy time for all of us. Unfortunately, we had to stop this lifestyle suddenly because our shares plunged during the Twin Towers attack.

After few years, I decided to expand our horizons by relocating to England. I had the opportunity to study Building Studies at University and to pass my degree. This degree allowed me to open my own 3D structure model company called Revit Solution Ltd.

Some time later, my wife and I decided to open our first website, Off The Tourist Treadmill, and our YouTube channel. Two years afterwards, we started our second website, Enjoy Retirement Life.

Everyone can choose a style of life, I choose to live mine at 100%

Olivier De Winne

My Personal Story

I was born in Paris but grew up in the north of France, then moved to Lyon where I spent all my teenage years. At 16, I opened the ST Club (an IT club for Atari 520st users) in Lyon with an 18-year old friend. At an early age, I wanted to share my knowledge and help people to use computers. At this time, computers were not as popular as they are now.

At the same time, I was passionate about Table Tennis. I started to play with my father on a home-made table as we didn’t have the money to buy one. I played at a competitive level for many years and almost joined the national team! However, my ambitions were interrupted by compulsory French National Service in Germany.

I am currently living in England where I recently met my lovely wife. Having both been divorced, we met online and now live happily together.

I had no idea that owning a website would make you popular. When my wife and I were visiting Kandy in Sri Lanka on honeymoon, I heard my name being called on the street. In my head, I was thinking that this guy can’t be talking to me as nobody knows me in Sri Lanka. However, he then said my name again and approached us. Riffa is one of our Facebook followers and he was so pleased to meet us.

Times like this make me realize that all the hours worked on the website have a real impact on people. We can help people and that is the best reward for me.