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Is Dubai Worth Visiting? 10 Remarkable Reasons to Visit Dubai


Is Dubai worth visiting? Yes, Dubai is certainly worth visiting and exploring!  Dubai is a gleaming and exciting 21st century city which is rapidly emerging into a global business and tourist destination.  However, Dubai also remains true to its rich cultural heritage. The city offers a high standard of living with low crime rates and … Read more

Is Carcassonne Worth Visiting? Best Things to See and Do

Carcassonne France

Carcassonne is an impressive example of a beautifully restored medieval walled town which is situated in the south of France.  So, is Carcassonne worth visiting?  If you are visiting the Occitanie Region of France (previously known as Languedoc-Rousillon), it is definitely worth spending a few hours exploring this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Is Carcassonne Worth … Read more

Is Annecy France Worth Visiting? – 9 Reasons to Visit Annecy


If you are planning a trip to France, you may be asking yourself is Annecy France worth visiting?  Having visited Annecy twice (once from Switzerland and once whilst staying in France), I would definitely recommend a visit.  Here’s a few reasons why: Read on to find out 9 more reasons why Annecy France is worth … Read more

Is Strasbourg Worth Visiting? 21 Reasons to Visit Strasbourg


Is Strasbourg worth visiting? As a French native, I would say that all the French cities are worth visiting.  However, Strasbourg is a charming town in the Alsace area which shouldn’t be missed.  The natural beauty of the city with its canals makes Strasbourg one of my favourite towns in France. Strasbourg is a paradise … Read more