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11 Good Reasons a Eurail Global Pass is Perfect for Your Trip to Europe


Before convincing you about the benefits of a Eurail Global pass, let’s take some time to explain more about this ultimate European rail pass.  In short, the popular Eurail Global Pass is an all-in-one train ticket for non-Europeans which allows you the flexibility to explore all of Europe by train.  Which European Countries Can I … Read more

Is Mexico Safe?

Is Mexico Safe

Is Mexico Safe? Yucatan Safety 2020 ‘Is Mexico Safe?’ was the first thing we asked ourselves before deciding to visit Mexico. Friends and family were quick to highlight the violent reputation of Mexico.  They advised us not to travel there owing to perceived threats to our safety from drug-related crimes, kidnapping and bombings! Of course, … Read more

A Full Guide to London Tube

London Tube

How Old is the London Underground? London Tube was the first underground in the world and opened in 1863.  In fact, construction started 8 years earlier in 1855.  The first underground line between Paddington and Farringdon Street opened on 10 January 1863. In 2013, Londoners celebrated 150 years of the London Tube. London Tube Lines … Read more