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Best Food in Mexico: 21 Popular Mexican Food Dishes


Food from Mexico is enjoyed across the world. Mexican dishes smell and taste amazing. A colourful array of fresh ingredients combine to provide just the right amount of freshness, sourness and heat. Below is a list of Mexican food which includes 21 popular Mexican food dishes. 21 Popular Mexican Food Dishes Before you travel, it’s … Read more

Backpacking Yucatan – Best Things to Do in Yucatan Peninsula


Backpacking may not be something you’ve ever considered before. Certainly, I stayed in an all-inclusive hotel for my first visit to Cancun on the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. As a 40-something Mum of 3, backpacking Yucatan was far from my mind as I celebrated my friend’s wedding at the luxurious Ritz Carlton hotel! However, a … Read more

How to Get to Holbox Island

how to get to holbox island

How to get to Holbox Island? In short, there are 2 main methods of transportation to Holbox Island: plane and road. Located off the north coast of the Yucatan, Holbox Island is one of the lesser-known treasures of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula.   As the crow flies, Holbox is 60.9 km north-west of Cancun. This peaceful island … Read more

Bioluminescence Holbox Yucatan Peninsula Mexico


Holbox Island is an island in the north of the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico.  This island is a little paradise and is one of my favourite islands in the world.  On top of beautiful beaches, crystalline water, sun and authentic Mexican food, you can see something called Bioluminescence here. Bioluminescence is a rare phenomenon and … Read more

Is Mexico Safe?

Is Mexico Safe

Is Mexico Safe? Yucatan Safety 2020 ‘Is Mexico Safe?’ was the first thing we asked ourselves before deciding to visit Mexico. Friends and family were quick to highlight the violent reputation of Mexico.  They advised us not to travel there owing to perceived threats to our safety from drug-related crimes, kidnapping and bombings! Of course, … Read more