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Don’t know where to go on holiday? Looking for inspiration? Wanting something different? Our travel blog is for you, if you want to experience more during your holiday and pay less. With our travel blog, you will learn how to explore the world by travelling like locals and save money on travel along the way. You will also discover new places which tourists usually don’t find, just because they don’t know. These places are Off the Tourist Treadmill.

As a rule, we try to travel on a small budget (£50 a day) but we also love to end our trip in a great hotel and relax with a good book. During our trips, we try out plenty of activities and love to discover fresh and authentic food, especially street food.  Eating street food is also a great way to meet locals. Locals are definitely the best guides.  They know the place and are happy to share their knowledge.  Read on and be inspired to change the way you travel …

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