Unique Things to Do in NYC at Night

by Sarah de Winne
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Unique Things to Do in NYC at Night After a Show

While many Broadway shows have their final bows around 10:30 PM, Manhattan is the city that never sleeps. Therefore, there are many unique things to do in NYC at night.  If you’re looking to go somewhere to keep the party going far past the end of the performance, we’ve got you covered for entertainment, drinks and more.

For Those Who Can’t Get Enough of Theater

Maybe one show in one night isn’t enough… If you’re still itching for a show after your show, check out the popular cabaret venues located around the city. It’s easy to attend a performance at 11:30 PM with time to grab a cocktail between shows or at the venue.

Feinstein’s/54 Below

This popular concert hotspot, located on 254 W. 54th Street, offers an unforgettable nightlife experience, just minutes away from your previous show. This club is known as Broadway’s living room, a home for many traveling Broadway professionals. Feinstein’s sometimes features up to 3 shows a night, so there are plenty to choose from. If you’re hungry, they also boast a world class dining menu.

Green Room 42

Located on 570 10th Avenue, Green Room 42 is Broadway’s cabaret for a new millennium. New, funky and spacious, this entertainment hall offers a wide variety of performances by your favorite Broadway stars. Don’t worry about grabbing a bite to eat before, Green Room 42 has a delicious menu full of favorite food and drinks. This is a great option to choose to get a bang for your buck.

For Those Craving the Spotlight

Perhaps after your show you want to sing your favorite songs from the performance or take part in impromptu karaoke. Grab a shot of liquid courage at one of these piano bars and gain the courage to ask the pianist to play your favorite show tune. Oh, the memories you’ll make…

Marie’s Crisis

This popular piano bar is located in New York City’s West Village at 59 Grove Street. First opened in the 1850s, Marie’s Crisis has a long and rich history. For the past four decades it has flourished as a piano bar where many Broadway fans gather to sing classics. If you love karaoke and classic bar drinks like Bud Light and vodka cranberries, then this is the perfect piano bar for you.

Don’t Tell Mama

Take your turn as a star at Don’t Tell Mama, the world-famous entertainment destination. Located in the heart of New York’s theater district (343 W. 46th Street), this bar is one-of-a-kind, offering a piano bar, restaurant and two separate cabaret showrooms. After 9:00 PM this bar transforms into a non-stop party with singing waiters/bartenders as well as many celebrities.


For Those Who Love Games

Maybe you’re feeling a little competitive and ready to continue the excitement after your Broadway show. If you want to be the next Pinball Wizard, fill up your game card for an evening of air hockey or Dance Dance Revolution. Here are a few of the best places to go enjoy some arcade games or bowling after the show.


Go bowling with friends after your show at Frames, located at 550 9th Avenue. Open until 2 AM on the weekends, this all-inclusive entertainment center has 28 lanes, private VIP rooms, dining and cocktail service, a ping pong room, billiards lounge and private karaoke. Waltz over to 9th Avenue and lace up your bowling shoes at Frames. (Psst…Frames is 21+ only after 8 PM, so this isn’t a family friendly option.)


Located at 210 West 55th Street, Fishbowl is where Midtown Manhattan meets upscale game room. Their 2,500 square foot venue boasts a gold spiral staircase where guests are greeted by a 5,000-gallon fish tank, home to 150 exotic fish. Opening at 10 PM on Saturdays, this is the perfect place to enjoy some classic arcade games, drinks and bowling with a cocktail in hand.

For Those Looking to Grab a Drink

There’s no more perfect time to enjoy a drink with a date or friend than after a Broadway show. Enjoy happy hour at a few of our favorite bars while discussing your favorite moments from the performance.

Bond 45

“The Lion King’s” lighting designer, Donald Holder, and “Hamilton’s” scenic designer, David Korins, collaborated on the design of this Italian restaurant’s 2017 re-opening. Right next to the Richard Rodgers Theatre, the new location features Bond Bar Below on the second floor. This bar boasts two large fireplace alcoves with built-in seating and a sunken patio in the center. If you stop by Bond 45, you have to try The Bond Cup, made with pineapple infused vodka, passion fruit and lime.

Glass House Tavern

This classic watering hole is a favorite place for actors after they’ve taken their bows. Prior to curtain, it’s a welcome place for audience members to indulge in before their show. The Glass House Tavern has a hearty list of wines by the glass and craft cocktails that cover everything from martinis to mules. For a pre-show treat try The Ginger Rose cocktail, made with bourbon, pimento dram, ginger, rosemary infused honey, fresh lemon juice and hot water.

Bar Centrale

Reservations are strongly encouraged to help score a seat at Bar Centrale. Located above Joe Allen, this converted apartment in a Victorian brownstone will become your favorite post-show spot. The locals and regulars want to keep this spot hidden, as you won’t find a sign out front. Past deep blue velvet curtains, this bar is designed for those who know what they want before they sit down. Once you select a cocktail, it arrives in a small refill pitcher. The pitcher is surrounded by salty ice, to keep it from sticking together and your drink cold, because no one wants to drink a warm martini.

cocktail drink

No matter what you want to do after your Broadway show, NYC offers a large variety of bars, arcades, restaurants, shows and concerts to enjoy after 10:30 PM. Now that you have a list of things to do after your show in Manhattan, find Broadway tickets for you, a date or friend. After you select a show, choose from our list of entertainment suggestions to enjoy once your performance is over.

For more ideas about what to do and see in NYC, don’t miss out on this guide written by a local.

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