Sarah & olivier
Olivier De Winne & Sarah De Winne

Off the Tourist Treadmill is a travel blog website that teaches people how to pay less so that they can travel and experience more. Off the Tourist Treadmill is best known for giving practical information about which places are worth visiting and how to avoid tourist traps.

Olivier De Winne is a specialist in designing the best itineraries and finding the cheapest ways to travel. Sarah De Winne has a natural talent for communicating with local people to build connections which enable us to find the best places to visit in the area.

Locals are our guides. Authentic is our style.

Olivier De Winne & Sarah De Winne

Our Story

Olivier De Winne and Sarah De Winne are a fifty-something French-English couple living in the heart of Sussex. We met via an online dating app and quickly found out that we have a shared love of good food and great wine.

We are also both passionate about learning as much as possible about different cultures, people and places around the world. Both of us love photography and we enjoy capturing these moments in moving and still images.

Over the years, we have had many shared travel adventures around the world. However, Olivier is no stranger to unique travel experiences. He spent two years sailing on a catamaran and has lived and worked on the French Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean.


Why Did We Start Off the Tourist Treadmill?

Travel is an important part of our lives. When we organised our first trip to India, we used locals as our guides and we had an unforgettable experience.

Once we returned to the UK, we started to share our stories and tell friends about the people we had met, the things we had done and what we had seen. A lot of our friends could not believe the unique things we had experienced by organising the trip for ourselves. They told us that they wished they could do the same.

Quite simply, these unique experiences happen because we genuinely care about people. When we travel, it is important for us to take time to talk with local people. What can be better than to talk to a local and receive a simple smile? Or, receive advice about seeing a beautiful waterfall hidden next to their village? In our fast-paced world, we often forget the humanity of people.

When we realised other people didn’t know how to travel like us, we decided to share our knowledge and Off the Tourist Treadmill was created.

The aim of the Off the Tourist Treadmill travel blog is to help the community to travel in a more authentic style. Everybody can help by sharing their experiences in the comments section. However, the best way to keep up-to-date with Off the Tourist Treadmill is to subscribe to the newsletter.

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