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Best Tips on How to Use Rome Public Transportation – Best Value Tickets – Airport Transfers

Rome Public Transportation Train

Rome is a big city and you would expect to have a lot of transport facilities to be able to go to point A to point B. The good news is that Rome public transportation is very cheap for a European capital.  I wish this was the same for London. We are going to write … Read more

Venice vs Rome – Which City is Best if You Don’t Have Time to Visit Both?


The aim of this article is to help you plan your itinerary in Italy.  In the past, we have visited both Venice and Rome several times and loved both cities.  Some people prefer Venice whereas others favour the city of Rome. In our opinion, it really depends on what you are looking for.  In this … Read more

Is it Worth Buying St Peter’s Dome Tickets?


Without hesitation, yes, it is worth buying St Peter’s dome tickets!  If you are in good health and can manage the stairs, don’t miss the unique experience of climbing to the top of the world’s tallest dome designed by Michelangelo.  Not everyone realises that you can climb St Peter’s dome, so make sure you build … Read more